What is a Coaxial Cable Assembly?

Coaxial Cable

What Is A Coaxial Cable Assembly?

A coaxial cable assembly combines two conductors into a single assembly. 

The assembly consists of four layers, two of which can conduct electricity while the other two act as insulators. The innermost layer consists of a copper wire, which is surrounded by a protective layer of insulation. Braided copper wire is then wrapped around this insulation to form the second conductor. The entire cable is then covered with an outer layer of insulation to protect the conductors from damage and interference.

Coaxial cable assemblies can be found in a variety of home electronics applications including televisions, DVD players, computer networks and printers. These cables are also widely used to carry radio signals in both consumer and industrial applications.

In a coaxial cable assembly, alternating electrical currents run continuously through both conductors. Provided inner layer of insulation between the two conductors keeps them at a constant distance from one another, each will supply a smooth and constant stream of electrical current.

The standard coaxial cable assembly features “RF” or “F-pin” connectors at either end, which are widely used for home electronic devices. They can be plugged directly into most modern electronics.

One of the primary benefits of the coaxial cable assembly is that the length of the cable has no effect on performance. These cables also make it easy for homeowners to connect different types of devices without extensive wiring or electrical experience.Hunter Cable Assembly offer a large range of coaxial connectors and cable assembly solutions.

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Why Use a Cable Loom?

Imagine for a minute, the wires in your car were not bound together and were all running about separately to each other. The safety risks are immediately evident.

A Cable Loom is Safer

Not just in the context of a car, the telecommunications, construction, medical and military fields use cable looms to eliminate the risk of loose cables. Putting all the wires into one harness means that they can be better protected from water and electro magnetic interference. By overmoulding wires and components, the cable loom can be further shielded by a protective layer.

A Cable Loom is Simpler

Only having one harness to install makes the installation process simpler and easier to standardise and carry out safely as part of a custom cable assembly process.

A Cable Loom is Customisable

Hunter Cable Assembly offer cable looms for a range of industries and purposes. We only manufacture wire harnesses to the highest safety standards. All of our cable looms are tested using a test board to ensure the functionality and quality of our harnesses.

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Box Build Assemblies designed specifically to your needs.

Box Build Panel Assembly

A box build assembly converts a set of electronic components into a fully working product, such as a smoke detector or a garage door opener.

Commonly required in industrial applications, box build assembly can include producing and then implementing different varieties of cable into a system.

Not only is the box panel assembly used in industrial settings but also in marine, military, water utilities and telecommunications markets where it often vital that the wiring capabilities are secure and well compiled.

We have strong relationships with all our suppliers in both electrical and mechanical distribution. We source and produce the components depending on your specific requirements, and then ship them to your facility. Machining, fabrication and sheet metal can also be provided offering a complete package of work.

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A bit wet outside? Protect your cable assemblies with a watertight solution.

A Complete Watertight Custom Cable Assembly Product.

Water damaged cables

When wire and cable products are exposed to water or excessive moisture, the components may be damaged due to mildew or corrosion. This damage can result in insulation or termination failures.

Moisture trapped inside a connector can causes severe corrosion of shields and conductors. Even if corrosion were not to develop, moisture present in the connector can change the characteristic impedance of the cable. A change in impedance can increase in signal reflection (VSWR), resulting in an unreliable or failed system.

Hunter Cable Assemblies (HCAL) offer a complete watertight cable assembly product from concept to final product to protect your electrical system from water damage.

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Medical Cable Assemblies – Where cleanliness, quality & compliance play a vital role.

UK based Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) specializes in the design, supply and distribution of cable assemblies, harnesses, looms, box builds and waterproof connectors. Having worked with some of the UK’s most respected companies in the defense, aerospace & marine industry, Hunter Cable Assembly have established themselves as a leader in supplying quality cable solutions.

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